How To Get The Most From Your TV Advertising Costs

You’ve seen them. You’ve probably hummed along to them, or even gotten a ditty or two stuck in your head. Some people still worry they aren’t getting enough out of their TV advertising costs, even though advertising on television is proven effective in garnering business. The following suggestions could help you get the most for your money.

Advertise When Relevant TV Shows Are On

Begin by considering your business and the type of audience you’d like to reach with your commercials. For example, your commercials will be lost on most viewers during a children’s TV show if you’re a divorce lawyer. In contrast, though, if you are selling a toy or manage a kid-friendly business, running your ad during a child’s show may have those small viewers running to talk to their parents about it. Ads targeted to adults work well in prime time, specifically during shows that air between 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Cable vs Network Channels

It is usually tricky for some to decide between running your ad on cable or network channels. Only about 33 percent of homes use cable television, so you’ll be reaching a much smaller audience. By contrast, because you’ll be reaching a large audience if you advertise on network channels, your TV advertising costs will be more expensive. If you have a smaller budget for your ad placements, consider concentrating on cable first. You’ll be able to shift to advertising to a wider audience, as you start to make more money.

Length Of The Ad

Typically, a commercial is either 15 seconds or 30 seconds, with the latter being more costly of course. Consider purchasing two or three 15-second spots instead of one 30-second spot, if you’d like to play your ads more frequently. However, if you have a lot of information to present, opt for the 30-second ad. If you’ve got the funding to purchase multiple commercials, mix it up. Include all of your information in the 30-second ad, and then use one or two 15-second spots to highlight the most important parts of your longer ad.

Cluster Your Commercials Together

When individuals hear the same commercials often, advertising statistics show that they will remember them when they hear them. Because of this, you should cluster your ads into one show rather than spreading them out over hours, days or weeks. Use two commercial spots if the show during which you wish to advertise is 30 minutes long. Utilize between two and three spots for 60-minute shows. To keep it effective, do this over 2 or 3 days in the same time slot.

A Website Should Be Included

Rather than try to fit your company’s entire phone number, address and website into the commercial, which takes up useful screen space and speaking time, stick to only the website. Most people, based on studies, reveal that they will more easily remember a website than a bunch of numbers. This will also give them the chance to find more information on the product or services and locate the phone number and address on the website. For this to be effective, make sure you have a professionally designed, high-quality website. In case your page is disorganized or lacks enough information, potential customers are going to be turned off.

TV advertising costs don’t have to break your business bank. You will be much more likely to bring in new customers, or perhaps remind old ones of why they love your company, if you use the following tips and tricks to create the best ad spot possible.

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